The Secrets Of White Fibers Under The Banana Peel

The banana has long ceased to be an exotic and rare fruit in high latitudes. Exported to all corners of the world, it has a great acceptance. Raw, roasted, baked or ripe – they have an unbeatable taste! This aromatic ripe fruit comes well with any dessert or sweets.

By peeling the banana, you’ve probably noticed some strange white fibers underneath the peel. They attach to the hands and half the fruit, like a spider web, standing out for a less sweet taste than the pulp. These fibers are called phloem, and today we will tell you something interesting about them

What are floemas?

The phloem is a conductive tissue of the plant, which carries the products of photosynthesis. In the case of banana, they interpret the umbilical cord role for the supply of nutrients necessary for proper growth, when the fruit is in the process of growth.

The presence and size of the phloem is not an indicator of banana quality. If you consider yourself a gourmet of this fruit, you can eat with ease these fibers – they are absolutely healthy.

Moreover, the banana phloem provides the same useful fiber, vitamins and minerals as the pulp.
We hope you have found it interesting to learn something new about your favorite fruit. Also, we recommend that you know the useful properties of the banana peel. That’s right, do not hurry to throw this part of the banana in the trash!

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