Stop Hair Loss and Make Hair Grow Again – Stronger, Faster and Healthier. A Natural Method!

Early age hair loss is a common problem these days, both for men and women. Usually, the causes are pregnancy, stress, weight loss but other causes too. The body reacts awful to stress and manifests this on the outside, like through the hair and hormonal imbalance. This will damage the self-esteem and make you spend fortune on cosmetics and treatments that are not effective.

No more chemicals and wasting money, instead try natural ways. The nature has a cure for everything we need, including hair loss too. The cure for this is the guava leaf that stops the hair fall and promotes new hair growth.

These leaves have vitamin B that is crucial for the hair. With it, the follicles and roots get stronger too.


Get 1 liter water in a pot and to this, toss handful of guava leaves. Turn on the heat and let this boil and then simmer for 20 min. after this, set it aside to cool and use it. Massage the scalp and after a few hours, rinse it off.

It is even better if you do this prior sleeping at night and rinse it in the morning.

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