How To Avail The Best Stethoscope For Nurses

Are you looking for some basic ways to guide you how to utilize a stethoscope? Congratulation for coming here because I’m going to show you a very clear guidance! You have the most suitable stethoscope for yourself, don’t you? Keep in mind that availing the best stethoscopes for nurses in hospital or clinic is not a big deal, and it will involve some easy steps that can help you use best.

At first, you should check your stethoscope’s quality and determine whether it has any damage or not. Don’t try to use the old one because it can’t help you listen to the sounds of patients clearly. Therefore, the first important step is to check out the stethoscope carefully before using. In case that there is something wrong with it, the best thing is to get a new one.

Basic ways to avail the stethoscope perfectly

When continuing checking the sound inside the patient’s body, you are suggested to put the ear-tips of stethoscopes in your ears perfectly. Some tools have the ear-tips that have been tilted towards to make sure they fit accurately in the user’s ear canal; for instance, if you’re using Littmann stethoscopes, the ear-tips should point forward. In case that you insert them into the ear canal to ensure they put accurately and seal your ear canal to prevent outer noises.

Once putting the ear-tips suitably, in case that you still feel uncomfortable with placing and an acoustic efficiency of the stethoscope, please control the ear tubes and headset to make sure everything is in a suitable position. If the headset is not put in a suitable place, it will create a poor acoustic performance and make the nurses miss faint sounds.

When using the stethoscope with the patients, the nurses should avail it on the patient’s bare skin to avoid mixing the body sounds with the cloth sounds. But, before placing the stethoscope’s diaphragm on the bare skin, please not heat it to avoid hearing the chillness from the patient.

Ensure that its diaphragm is put accurately on the skin of the patient and listen to the lung or heart sounds. Owing to that, the patient’s ill can be determined exactly. Remember not to collide with the tube of the stethoscope while hearing.

When finishing an auscultation, please keep the stethoscope in a safe place to avoid unexpected damages or scratches. In case that you have a habit to bring it in your pocket, ensure to clean it periodically to avoid dirt and thread getting accumulated on it.

How to enlarge the sounds?

Enlarging the sounds is the use of the stethoscope’s diaphragm. It’s called as a part of the device that can vibrate. When it shakes, a column of air inside it will transfer from up and down so you are able to listen to the body sound.

Moreover, the surface area of the diaphragm is greater than the column of air shifting within the tube. Therefore, the air moving in the tube will move more than the diaphragm. It creates enlargement of pressure waves leaving your ear-tip, and the larger pressure movements will make louder sounds creating the sounds to be enlarged.

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