Did it happen to you? One day, you meet a guy who pays attention to you, its impulsive, romantic, funny, he charms you in any way possible and it seems like he could be the one you were looking for.

After some period of dating, you decide that it is time to get under the sheets, and then, all of a sudden, he is no more the Prince Charming you previously knew.

He does not reply to your texts, he never calls you and before you know it, you become noting in each other’s lives.

A lot of girls had these problems at a certain period of their life, but they are still confused about the reason why their so-called Prince has suddenly disappeared. Some men have discussed some of the reasons for such behavior and were also kind enough to share them too.

If this kind of disaster sometimes happens to some of your girls out there, here we are going to present you the top 5 reasons that can explain that for you.

1.It is no more than just s*x

A lot of men are looking for a simple one-night stand.

It is actually the time period when they are not really into the mood of being serious, so after they get what they want, and by the “No strings attached “ rule(obviously!), they think that they haven’t done anything bad to you, what so ever.

2.Maybe they simply just don’t like you enough (Oops!)

Let’s face it. Men are basically just that – man. They can meet some new girl, get euphoric about her, and after they have s*x with her, they realize that she is actually not their type.

After the so – called euphoria, the man can actually realize that you are not the one he has been looking for, not as thrilling as you seemed. With girls that is opposite of course, as they tend to gain an impression of the guy before they hit the bed. What a mess, no?

3.You have simply lost the flame

At first, you maybe could not keep your hands off each other, but sometimes, after being completely intimate, you will realize that this chemistry that you shared was just not that real. Actually, this happens quite a lot. The primary attraction will simply disappear.

4.Involving too much emotions

The agreement of “No strings attached” is not easy after you have s*x, you know? You are actually falling for him, but he feels that you are asking for too much.

The sense of guys can sense that attachment and can be turned off by the idea that you may actually expect effort from them.

Quite often, this happens to girls, but it may also be a major reason for a man to disappear from their life.

5.It was just not meant to be

As the famous saying goes “It takes a village to raise a child”, it takes much effort in order to maintain a good relationship as well.

Both, the girl and the guy must work on every aspect of their character in order to make it work. S*x is simply not always enough – you just need to add emotions, attitude, behavior, and interests, as they are the major factors for two youngsters to get serious.

You can never have a second first time in s*x, and when you do it finally, the guy (which is naturally the less emotional one, after all) considers all things about you, no matter if you are worth it or not.

Guys are always fascinated by women and they are even capable to turn over the world in order to get them in bed.

After they succeed the fascination is mostly simply gone and the real views take their turn.

Source: http://www.naturalhealthyways.com

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