4 TBSP A Day And Cancer Is Gone: Russian Scientist Reveals The Most Powerful Homemade Remedy

A known Russian doctor named HristoMermerski who recently gained praises and attention due to his discovery about the the homemade cure for cancer.

He claim that cancer can be defeated by just a simple mixture made of natural ingredients that can be found in our surroundings It is good for the whole body aside from treating cancer..

Here are the health benefits of the incredible remedy:

Cleans the kidney and liver;
Cleans the blood vessels;
Improves our memory;
Heals the heart and protect against heart attack;
Reinforces the immune system;
Defeats most types of cancers.

Here’s the recipe for the remedy:


12 garlic cloves
15 lemons
35 oz. of organic honey
14 oz. of walnuts
4 oz. of sprouted grains


Before starting with the remedy, you need to prepare the sprouted grains first. Add the green wheat in a bowl of water, then leave it to soak overnight.
In the morning, strain the mixture and rinse the wheat with water, then leave it in a bowl for 24 hours again so it can sprout. Once the grains have sprouted, you can start preparing the remedy.

Clean the garlic cloves first, then mix them with the sprouted grains and walnuts in a blender. Next, squeeze 5 lemons into the mixture and mix again, then squeeze the remaining 10 lemons and mix one more time. Add the honey in the end, then pour the mixture in glass jars and keep it in the fridge for 3 days.

After 3 days, you can start consuming the remedy. Take 1-2 tablespoons every day or the same amount every couple of hours if you’re using it to treat cancer.

Professor Mermerski claims that this remedy will improve your organ function and help you live a healthier life, while also destroying the cancer in your body.

The remedy works thanks to the incredible nutrients the ingredients contain and their medicinal properties. The remedy has all the carbs, protein and bioactive substances your body needs to function properly. As Dr. Mermerski says, “Cancer cannot survive in a fully healthy and well-nourished body.

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