10 Health Benefits of Onions That Can Heal and Protect Your Body

There are a lot of types of onion and not matter which one you choose for your meal you will not make a mistake. Other than being very tasty and a great additive for flavor in any dish you can be sure that they are extremely healthy and nutritious.

Here are some important health benefits of onions that can protect your entire body.

Cardiovascular Protection

The sulfur levels in onions are what makes them heart friendly. Onions can prevent blood clotting with their blood thinning abilities. Other than that they can balance the cholesterol levels and triglycerides.

Anti Inflammatory Properties

The sulfuric nature of the onion makes them great anti inflammatory agents. The key component that gives this ability to onion is called “Onion A”. Combine onions with other foods that fight inflammation and you have got yourself a health bomb!

Blood Sugar Regulation

Onions can balance the blood sugar levels due to the mineral called chromium. This substance is mostly found in red onions but most onions contain moderate levels of it.

Bone Health

According to studies people who ate onions daily had higher bone density than the others. Calcium and vitamin D are essential for bone health and you can find amounts of them in onions.

Cancer Prevention

Recent researches show that an onion rich diet can reduce the risk of almost all types of cancer. This is all due to the substance called “quercetin” that has cancer fighting abilities.

Relieving Sore Throat And Cough

You can use onion as a homemade remedy for treating flu and cold symptoms. The substances in the onion like quercetin, flavonoids and polyphenols can has amazing anti viral, anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Boost Your Immune System

Onions can very effectively protect your body from free radical damage and boost your immune system.

Improves Digestion

Onions contain a specific soluble fiber that can promote the good bacteria growth in the stomach and thus improve and aid digestion and balance the bowel movements.

Improves Hair Growth

Onion juice can be very beneficial for hair health due to the sulfur levels. You can use onion juice to make your hair stronger and grow it faster than ever. Onion juice can improve blood circulation and provide the hair follicles enough nourishment.

Kill Intestinal Parasites

Onions have anti-parasitic properties that can eliminate intestinal worms, thread and tapeworm worms. 2 teaspoons of onion juice a day for about 2 weeks will do the trick.

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