Lifestyle is the way people live their lives and makes an impact both on their individual lives and the society they live in. It is the thing that typically influences your health. So, if you have a good lifestyle ensuring health-enhancing measures then your health will be good and vice versa.

There are several factors in and around your lifestyle that impact health and need your due consideration for a healthy life (sự xem xét cho một cuộc sống mạnh khỏe). The first thing is to identify those factors and then mold them in a way that leads you towards a healthy lifestyle.  

To ensure a healthy life then the following lifestyle factors needs to be ticked off in your health-related list:


Diet is the key to success here and towards leading a healthy lifestyle (phong cách sống khỏe mạnh). If your diet is good naturally then a lot of things are already good and in the right way. If not then you need to make a good bit of effort to make it rich with the right desirable ingredients. Your diet should be rich with nutrients, no matter, which part of the world or culture you belong to. 

The idea here is to have a nice balanced diet where people should equally consider eating vegetables, fruits, white meat, and occasionally red meat as well. You need to eat right and not too much to avoid obesity. This is also where physical activities can play a great role in complementing your diet.

In short, quality food choices make a big impact on your health and how you would feel today, tomorrow and in the coming time. It has been seen that poor diet in developed, developing or even in underdeveloped countries leads to certain diseases.

Obesity is one big common problem. This is followed by the risk of various chronic diseases in adults (các bệnh ở người lớn tuổi) including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and several other diseases.  

Keeping your diet habit healthy and balanced means that you will be able to control lots of risk factors that are related to your overall health and well-being. It is necessary to have an understanding of your bodily needs and requirements based on the metabolic rate and energy needs of your body.

In case if you have a habit of eating balanced dietary components and take necessary precautions in avoiding unhealthy food and keep the fats under control then you can probably live a healthier and happier life.

Technological Advancement and our health 

Technology no doubt has helped mankind a lot, but it has come at a price. Technology in one place has comforted us in many ways but also has made us lazy. 

A lot of our jobs once done manually are automated now and this has taken away the health benefit of natural exercise, enhancing our health organically. Being overly connected with technological devices can result in both physical and psychological issues.

The psychological issues include narcissism, distraction, anxiety, and depression, etc. The physical repercussions of physical health could cause visionary problems, hearing loss, back and neck pain, etc. A good thing here is that all these health issues could be alleviated with the proper steps taken.

You must not be overly dependent on technology. The best practices need to be adapted with technology for a healthy life that is lesser dependent on machines and devices.

On the other hand, if we see that, technological advancements in the health sector has proven to be most helpful in diagnosing and treating people having severe or moderate and mild level illnesses. We can see that the latest surgical and diagnostic interventions using different medical technologies are more efficient in supporting quick and better diagnosis with greater chances of accuracy as compared to manual analysis.

We can say that it all depends on the correct usage of technology for the betterment of mankind that will show us the positive impact on our health.

Environmental Factors and our health

The environmental factors are known for affecting considerable groups of people with common in working or living spaces. This means that they are prime candidates for the factors causing health differences across distinct geographical zones or countries. As per different researches, the health outcomes are found to be considerably spatially patterned.

Such patterns can be seen across different countries and also on smaller scales such as the difference between rural and urban populations. All this indicates that the lifestyle has a lot to do with all these environmental factors to be molded as per our health benefit. 

As far as the environment is concerned, air pollution sits right at the top of the heap of environmental factors impacting our health. The World Health Organization shows red flags quite regularly of late for the ozone layer getting impacted big time. The air and other types of pollution are mainly caused by the burnt fuels from automobiles and then the hazardous chemical discharged from different factories.

These days, the excessive use of natural resources and burning of the fuels give rise to a lot of threats around our environment. Due to the damages caused to ozone,  as well as harmful substances that are regularly released in the air, the radiation, and the pathogens around us may affect our health a lot more as compared to when we are living in the clean and healthy environment.

We can say that having health environmental conditions are crucial for keeping us healthier.

Skin cancers, lung diseases, and hearing issues are all different forms of health issues that result in due to environmental pollution.

Climatic changes, unavailability of healthy food, financial risks, and social pressures are among the most critical environmental factors that affect human health as a whole.

Animals Role

Animals play a pivotal role in enhancing humans’ health. Apart from getting the meat and eggs as a way of proteins from certain animals, they are beneficial in other ways too. This is especially true as pets with their unconditional love and companionship. 

In this capacity, they play a key role in enhancing the quality of our life. As per research, having pets is healthy as they have proven to release stress. When petting your furry friend, the relaxation hormone is released, which helps in easing stress and soothes in a great manner. Your blood pressure in a way stays normal while petting your pets. As per some other studies, it has also been concluded that pets lower stress a lot more at times than human support.

Interestingly, usual pets like cats and dogs can lower any possible risk of developing different types of allergies. 

This is also endorsed through a proven study conducted by the University of Wisconsin. In an altogether different aspect, your furry friend can be your companion in loneliness, which will help you to fight anxiety or depression, if any. Finally, it provides you with an excellent way of social fulfillment. Just looking at them and their activities bring entertainment for you. 

Furthermore, animals around us are an essential part of our environment and most of them keep a good balance in the ecosystem in a way or another to promote good mental and physical well-being.

Ideas for a healthy lifestyle

You can develop your lifestyle into a healthy one by following a few critical things. You are never late in realizing and implementing this in your lifestyle. 

First thing first, you need to eat healthily. Your diet should be based on a lot of nutrients, carbohydrates, and proteins. 

Saturated fat in your diet must be replaced with unsaturated fat

Salt and sugar intake should be kept to the bare minimum. Your dining table before any meal should have lots of vegetables and fruits afterward. The goal here is to eat regularly and just keep a check on the portion size of your meal. On top of that, ensure a good intake of fluids and ensure your body weight is just as desirable.

Apart from the diet, you should look for regular exercise

Other physical activities like running, swimming and cycling, etc. always helps. This is something that should be always maintained, no matter, how severe the weather conditions or other circumstances are. You must not let technology overtake your lifestyle. Rather, it should only be maximized for your benefit, not to make you overly dependent on it. 

A clean environment is a key to a healthy life

Cleanliness should begin from home first and then it would nicely propagate in the society you live in. For the pollution caused by the industrial sector, the government has a role to play but it is also our responsibility at the same time. It has been seen widely in different geographic locations including countries where the best practices have become a part of their culture. 

For Your Turn

Several factors can impact our health and our overall lifestyle. Excellent diet is the first thing that should be considered as it carries great weightage in impacting our lifestyle. It is then followed by an environmental factor such as pollution to be controlled and eliminated.

People should only be dependent on technology for their benefit. For the sake of entertainment, more natural ways should be adapted, such as exercising, swimming and cycling, etc. Pets can also play a great role as a nice companion while enhancing your healthy lifestyle.