Smoking is a harmful habit that leads to addiction. Most smokers claim that smoking calms especially in those moments when under great stress, nervousness, anxiety but the right side of smoking is very different when it comes to your health. Worldwide annual 3.5 million deaths are caused by cigarette smoking and the number of smokers every day more and more increasing.

Contained cigarette:

Formaldehyde – flammable fuel
Acetone – cleaner nail polish
Nicotine – causing substance dependence
Arsenic – substance used as rat poison
Hydrogen cyanide – poisonous gas used in the gas chambers
+43 other carcinogenic substances

The reason why you cannot quit smoking!

However, 95% of people who try to stop smoking without therapy or drugs return to smoking. The reason is that nicotine causes addiction.
Addiction to nicotine is the hardest addiction something like heroin addiction and cocaine.

What can cause a lighted cigarette?
 Smoking damages nearly every organ of your body and can cause many diseases.

This should make you quit smoking immediately:

• Coronary artery disease;
• Heart attack;
• Increased risk of diabetes;
• Increased risk of disease on your gums;
• Develops lung cancer especially in males;
• dying from chronic lung disease (emphysema and bronchitis);
• Smoking cigarettes can cause reduced circulation by narrowing the blood vessels and there is a risk of peripheral vascular disease;
• Smoking can cause abdominal aortic aneurysm (swelling or weakening of the main artery of the body – the aorta that passes through the abdomen);
• Stroke;
• Acute myeloid leukemia;
• Cancer of the bladder;
• Cancer of the cervix;
• Cancer of the kidney;
• Cancer of the larynx;
• Cancer of the esophagus;
• Lung cancer;
• Cancer of the mouth;
• Cancer of the pancreas;
• Cancer of the throat;
• Cancer of the stomach;

A major impact on:

• Sterility;
• Premature birth;
• The birth of dead baby;
• having a baby with low weight;
• Sudden death of the baby;


For a big change in your life before the most important, it is to have faith in yourself and aim for success.
The strong will and optimism are the first steps toward withdrawing from this harmful habit.
Several ways to a faster cancellation of cigarettes:

1. Be optimistic about your decision;
2. List all reasons that influence your decision to become a non-smoker;
3. Seek medication:
 There are medications that reduce the desire for nicotine;
4. Start with changes in lifestyle;
5. Try nicotinic therapy;
6. Do not spend time alone through your treatment:
Choose the person who will be there for you in difficult times.
7. Deal with stress:
 After cessation of smoking, you have to find a new way as you deal with the stress;
8. Avoid alcohol and other things that will cause you to smoke;
9. Change your diet – Eat more vegetables and fruits;
10. Choose your prize:
Also, one of the privileges of stop smoking cigarettes has saved money which you can use for other needs.

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