This Yogi Instagrammer Will Change The Way You Think About Body Confidence

There are loads of inspiring accounts on Instagram. From sweatastic trainers like the Tone It Up girls to clean eating tidbits from OhSheGlows, a strategically programmed feed can both brighten your mood and help you shed a few pounds. Enter Valerie of Big Gal Yoga, a fanatic yogi with body confidence through the roof, who’s doing what she loves to promote acceptance, one yoga pose at a time.


For the past 3 years, Valerie has posted photos of her yoga practice online, first starting on Tumblr, and then moving to Instagram. Now, she has nearly 70,000 followers whom she shares her practice with.

“Through my visual yoga practice I have inspired many people like myself the fat, curvy, chubby, plus size, large, women of color, and others not like myself of smaller bodies to practice yoga,” Valerie says. “Through my own yoga practice I’ve come to love my body, and accept it as it is now. My practice has also given me the strength to get over the mental hurdle of my own self doubt when it comes to enjoying the fun and beautiful things in life.”

Her current mission? To attend a yoga teacher training at Seven Centers Yoga Studio in Sedona, CA. (You can find more details on Big Gal Yoga’s GoFundMe page.)

Don’t just take our word for it, see Valerie’s impressive practice for yourself:

big gal yogi


big gal yogi

big gal yogi

big gal yogi

big gal yogi


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