This Woman Marries A Disabled Man…But At Her Wedding She Experiences The Surprise Of Her Life! That Is So Moving And Beautiful

This is the kind of wedding everyone will remember forever. The surprise turned the groom’s and his soon-to-be-wife lives upside down. Life has not been kind to Kevin Taylor. He broke his leg 13 years ago, and the complicated healing process changed his life forever.

Kevin developed RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), a nerve disorder his doctor called the worst case he has ever seen! In 2009, even worse news followed: his leg had to be amputated. Kevin tried to deal with the situation as well as he could. His friends think highly of him because of the strength he showed during these harsh times. “The most remarkable thing about Kevin is that he never complained, despite what happened to him”, they say. But soon, his life was about to change forever.



It was love at first sight when he met his future wife. The wheelchair? It doesn’t make a difference to the Texan woman! One of Kevin’s friends recounts: “I came in, he turned around and was just grinning from ear to ear.
There was a connection immediately.” The two decided to marry and began planning the day immediately, inviting their friends and family. But Kevin Taylor planned behind his future wife’s back a first class surprise.


The guests have all arrived and the bride enters the room, accompanied by her father. The priest speaks the words to those present: “Please stand.” And that is exactly what Kevin Taylor does! Tears roll down his soon-to-be wife’s cheeks and she is completely perplexed. Too stunned to speak a single word. She sees her soul mate standing for the first time ever.
Kevin Taylor worked for this moment for weeks and months. He began physiotherapy secretly behind his girlfriend’s back, training for countless hours, until the seemingly impossible came true. He learned to walk with his prosthetic, despite the indescribable pain caused by his illness. He managed to strengthen once atrophied muscles in his leg. Until the point where he was able to stand and look at his future wife in the eyes on their wedding day.
It’s impossible to imagine how she must have felt on their wedding day.




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