This is a Cure for Varicose Veins

Today’s stressful and engaged lifestyle leads to many
health difficulties and the problem of varicose veins is one of them, especially among women.

In addition to being a visually ugly sight and causes
unpleasant emotions among many women, health changes from varicose veins are larger obstacle in everyday life. Different treatments are expensive and not everyone can afford, so we suggest you make this recipe from alternative medicine.


* 1 liter of brandy
* 50 g of dried St. John’s wort
* 50 g of dried nettle leaves


1. In larger jar put all ingredients and fill it to the brim with brandy.
2. When you do that, well close the jar and leave
to stay a month in a dark place.
3. Once that period expires, open the jar and strain through gauze. Herbs absorb enough fluid, and must strain it through gauze.
4. This fluid assemble into a glass bottle and keep it cool, dark place.

Use of the drug for varicose veins:

This liquid drink once a day, before eating one tablespoon, and you can drink three times daily, just before meals, but a small teaspoon.

This recipe from alternative medicine will help you
solve your problems with veins.

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