How to Test the Purity of Honey at Home

Do you know there are tricks you can use in order to check the purity of your honey? Also, there are a few secrets and myths you need to know if you want to recognize honey’s quality and enjoy its benefits.
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Before finding out the “Fire test” in this article and check if the honey is natural and authentic, read some of the myths related to honey:
It is NOT True that Crystallized Honey is Rotten
Honey can never get rotten. If your honey becomes crystallized, it means that it is natural. Honey in which glucose is added or other syrups and molasses usually don’t crystallize entirely.
Acacia Honey is NOT the Best Honey
Acacia honey crystallizes harder and includes less glucose. This is the reason why medics suggest moderate amounts of this honey to diabetics. The other types of honey are as good as acacia honey.
Don’t Buy Honey from the Stands on the Road
When honey is exposed to the sun, it loses its properties. Moreover, streets bees are exposed to poisoning and honey can be diluted.
Do This TEST to Check the Purity of Honey
Dip a cotton pad into a bit of the honey, and shake off the excess. Light the cotton pad using a candle or a lighter. If it doesn’t burn, the honey is not pure. If it burns, it’s pure.

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