Seven Leftovers You Should NEVER Reheat (As This Could Poison Your Family)

When you have lunch leftovers what do you do with them? Well, chances are that the most of you probably reheat the leftover food and try to enjoy it for a second time. Even though this is acceptable for some foods, there are some that pose a huge risk to your health once they have been reheated. The funny thing is that most of you have never thought about these foods as a potential risk to your health.

So here is a list of 7 foods that you must NEVER reheat and eat it after that.


This vegetable contains nitrates, which are great for your health. However, this vegetable is not too damaging if you heated it up, but this is a food that doesn’t need to be re-heated.


Eating chicken who is cooked a few days earlier is very dangerous. The composition of proteins will change, often causing digestive problems. Actually, chicken has even more protein than red meat. It is recommended to eat the chicken cold, but if you feel it is necessary to heat up chicken make sure you do it over a long period of time on a low temperature.


The potatoes contain a lot of nutritional values and they are very good for our health. Though, once you let them get cold or sit for a day or two they can actually lose their nutritional value. Then, they become toxic for the body instead of beneficial.


Mushrooms should always be eaten after preparation. Their composition of proteins can change as well over a matter of a day or so, this will cause digestive issues as mentioned above with the chicken.


Re-heating spinach is extremely dangerous. The thing is, spinach contains very high percentage of nitrates which turn into nitrites when reheated. This is carcinogenetic to the body.


This is a high-risk food to reheat because it can become toxic if exposed to high temperatures. You should try to stay away from reheated scrambled eggs and reheated boiled eggs.


This vegetable is mostly used for soups. As the spinach, celery contains nitrates too. When reheating the soups they turn into nitrites. So, when reheating the soup take out the celery, it is not good to reheat much like carrots.

So next time, if you are thinking about putting some leftovers in the oven, think about what you are reheating. If your leftovers have any of these foods above, you should definitely reconsider the health risks that are associated with reheating.



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