Pour 2 drops of this into your ears and say goodbye to deafness. This powerful remedy returns your hearing to 87%

Hearing is one of the five senses, with which we are aware of the environment. Over time, listening, in addition to sight, is the most suffering, that is, weakening.

For those persons who are having issues with weak hearing, here is natural remedy which main ingredient is garlic.

-3 garlic cloves
–Olive oil
-A dropper
-Cotton or gaza

First you need to peel and wash the garlic, then crush very well and pour a little oil to forget to extract all possible liquid.Next step is to pour the extracted liquid into a dropper and let stand a whole day to get a better effect.

Apply 2 to 3 drops in each ear and cover with cotton or gauze. The results will be noticeable gradually.

Reduce intake of salt. Salt causes the body to retain fluid, which inflames the functional organs of the ear. Also avoid canned food.Avoid cold drafts.
Frequent exposure to loud noises weaknes the hearing significantly.
When you can lawn, work or play in an environment of machinery and other noises, use covered ear protectors, in the form of a cup, these are acquired in many centers of household articles also there are earplugs. They are available at pharmacies.

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