In 30 Seconds Relieve Your Headache and Stress With Acupressure

Acupressure is a simple and reliable method, even if you are a beginner. The next time you are bothered by headache, try out this simple method, which is based on acupressure, a natural healing method derived from traditional Chinese medicine.


How to get rid of a headache massaging the Hoku spot on your hand?
In this way you stimulate certain points along the energy path that goes from hand up to your head, signaling in the body to redirect the excess energy that gives the head.

How to find this item?
Extend all fingers on your left hand. This point is the little “hill” between the thumb and forefinger.

How to activate?
Place the thumb and forefinger of his right hand on top and below this point left hand.
Start slowly, then turn up the pressure and feel the muscle relax.
Better to be poor than too strong, experts advise.
The pressure let it take 20 to 30 seconds, during which breath rhythmically, occasionally through the nose.
Repeat three times, then do the same on the other hand until you feel a relief.



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