If Your Skin Is Oily – Never Do These 8 Things

Greasy skin may be a scourge for the people who have it. For one thing, it makes a person more liable to breakouts when the oils combine with bacteria on the skin to clog pores and hair follicles. Besides, women tend to suffer more from the greasy skin because they put on pore-clogging cosmetics and because of the hormonal fluctuations that come from taking contraception pills, pregnancy or menopause. It seems everyone subject to oily skin suffers particularly bad bouts of it throughout adolescence.


1. Don’t Smoke

Dermatologists have long known that smoking, or even exposure to cigarette smoke, worsens oily skin. Smoking suppresses the body’s quantity of vitamin A, a vitamin which is crucial to the skin health. One of the things that vitamin A does is keep the sebaceous glands in the skin from over producing sebum, a mix of fats and oils. Vitamin A also helps skin cells slough off when they die. A build-up of dead skin cells mixed with an overproduction of oil often results in acne.

2. Stay Away From Heat and Humidity

High temperature and humidity are also culprits when it comes to promoting oily skin. They cause people to sweat, and sweating exacerbates oily skin. On top of this, heat and humidity may cause heat rash. This happens when the sweat glands are closed off because they are trapped in tight clothing or dressings. Dermatologists recommend people counter the high heat and humidity with a night cleanser that has salicylic acid as an ingredient. It should be put on at night, before bedtime, because salicylic acid makes the skin more sensitive to the sun.

3. Avoid Harsh Soap

Most bar soaps are too harsh for people with greasy skin, and they are especially bad if the skin is both oily and sensitive. A mild, fragrance free facial cleanser is the best for people with greasy skin. Another good idea is not to vigorously scrub the face when washing. This just irritates the skin and strips it of the oils it needs to stay supple.

4. Do Not Use Hot Water to clean the Face

This appears counterintuitive, but hot water is bad for greasy skin. That’s due to the fact hot water dries the skin out, and the skin compensates by producing floods of oil. On the second hand, cold water does not cleanse well. The fine temperature for water to wash the face with is comfortably warm.

5. Don’t Over wash the Face

Washing the face more than 3 times a day also strips it of oils and irritates the skin. Wash 2 to 3 times a day with a mild cleanser that’s gently rubbed into the skin and then rinsed with warmish water. A good cleanser is a gel that has salicylic acid and foams when it’s applied.

6. Be Cautious of Astringents

Even people with oily skin should stay away from astringents except if their skin is extremely oily. Even then, dermatologists propose that the astringent only be used once a week. Astringents will dry the skin out to the point where it will overcompensate with more oil the way it does when assaulted with hot water and harsh soaps.

7. Do Not Pop Pimples

It is very tempting to want to pop an unsightly pimple, especially when it crops up at a really bad time, like just before a party or a night out. Squeezing a pimple only leads to scars and angry red marks.

8. Don’t Use Oil-Based Makeup

Women should avoid oil-based cosmetics and use cosmetics with a base made of powder, liquid or gel. Buy cosmetics that are hypo- or non allergenic and don’t clog the pores. This type of cosmetics is labeled non comedogenic.

These 8 prescriptions should go a long way in keeping oily skin, manageable for both men and women.



Source: http://www.myhealthymagazine.com/if-your-skin-is-oily-never-do-these-8-things/



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