Hard To Remove GROSS Pit Stains? I Had NO IDEA This Ingredient Could Make Them Disappear!

Is there anything more classy than a plain white tee? I don’t think so! Whether you’re heading out to the shops or just running errands, this clothing staple really is your best friend. If you’re anything like me, you’ll wear these tops all the time, but what happens when you get HORRID pit stains on them?

Over time, these stains tend to appear.  It doesn’t seem to matter how many times you wash the t-shirts, they just will not come out. Trying to scrub them out with warm soapy water doesn’t work either… Instead, it just ruins the material and the shirt ends up looking even worse than before! URGH.

This problem is one with which we have all had to deal in the past, but luckily those days are over. We’ve just discovered a super easy cleaning hack that changes everything.

The Huffington Post released an incredible YouTube video which shows us JUST how to get rid of these pesky marks once and for all.

The best part? You can use things that you probably already have in your home. That means that you don’t have to bother spending all your hard-earned cash on drying cleaning bills after all! All you need to do is mix baking soda and peroxide together to make a miracle cleaning solution. The whole thing will take you less than five minutes to complete… and so it really is no hassle at all!

Watch the entire tutorial here:

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