How To Color Your Hair Naturally, Without Chemicals? Is That Possible?

Hair dying can really affect the quality of your hair. This explains why many individuals who take high care of their hair avoid coloring it.

Nonetheless, a colour change translates to a significant change of your overall looks. As such, this article presents you a safer way to color your hair, without the worry of the harmful chemicals.


Here are some effective natural methods to change your hair colour:

For Red hair -Beet

Chop a mid-sized beet into pieces. Boil it for a few minutes before allowing it to cool.

Add a couple of beet slice in the liquid and you’ll get your coloring mixture.

Apply it on your hair. Give it 15-25 minutes to act before washing it off with vinegar and then dry it.

If you’ve a lighter nuance of hair, you’ll get the desired effects after the first treatment. Otherwise, you’ll have to repeat the procedure several times.

For Golden blonde hair – Chamomile

Boil 100 g of dried chamomile flowers in 500 ml of water. Strain the liquid and soak your hair in it. After a while, rinse your hair using vinegar before drying it. This will fix your hair colour.

For Light brown hair – Onion peel and bark of an oak 

Add a half cup of onion peels and the sliced bark of an oak, into a liter of boiling water. Cook them for roughly 1 hour, and allow them to cool for another one hour. Then, wet your hair with the mixture and leave it thus for 45 minutes. Afterwards, rinse it using vinegar.

For brown hair – Green peel walnut

Peel 15-20 walnuts and slice it into pieces. Grind the pieces before adding them to hot water. Stir it to get a smooth mixture.

Then, use a brush to apply it on the hair. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes before washing your hair and rinsing it with vinegar.




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