This Bodybuilder Dies from Liver Cancer AFTER Consuming 7-8 Energy Drinks Daily

Energy drinks are plenty dangerous because of their caffeine content alone. These products are so loaded with caffeine that consuming more than one beverage a day can trigger heart attacks in teenagers, but when it comes to cancer, sugar is more worrisome.

Bodybuilder Dean Wharmby learned of the dangers of energy drinks the hard way.

The bodybuilder crammed 10,000 calories a day into his dietary regimen, daily chugged 7-8 energy drinks, and gorged on fatty foods. For a time, he even took steroids to bulk up and build his dreamed-of washboard abs.
Wharmby’s health habits finally caught up to him. He died of liver cancer at only 39 years of age.

Adding steroids to the mix for a period of time was certainly additional fuel on a fire of unhealthy behaviors. He did all of this to build up his physique and help his workout toward washboard abs.

Wharmby’s death is sadly not unusual in the world of energy drink consumers. Over 184,000 people have died from drinking the high caffeine, high sugar drinks since 2010. The caffeine content is so dangerous that even teenagers have suffered heart attacks from drinking more than one of these canned beverages in a day.

Sugar content is so high that cancer risk is increased for these consumers.

Scientists believe a sugar molecule found in the flesh of beef, lamb, and pork may trigger an immune response in humans that causes inflammation, which ultimately results in tumor growth.

That single sugar molecule, called Neu5Gc, has been found in high levels in cancerous tissues, but it is not produced naturally in the body. It is, however, produced in most other mammals, leading researchers to believe that its presence in the human body comes from comes from our diet.


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