Celery provides amazing health benefits and that is why it should be part of your diet. It is big mistake to only prepare celery with other meals and in small amounts.

If you add celery into your diet, you should have these health benefits:

1. Your high blood pressure will be lowered. Thanks to the compounds known as phthalides in celery your circulation will be improved for minimum 14%. Regular consumption of celery will also lower the stress hormones in the blood.

2. It reliefs stress. It can reduce your stress levels thanks to the content of magnesium because magnesium is known for reducing the stress. 11 mg of magnesium are in 100g celery. It can also reduce stress thanks to the essential oils in the celery, and not only that you will regulate your stress but you will improve your sleep as well if you consume celery.

3. It is great against inflammation. You can treat all the conditions that are with pain or inflammation in the joints. This is all due to the presence of antioxidants and polyphenols in the celery. It is also great in the cases with asthma and acne.

4. Your digestion will be improved with the help of celery. This is because of the insoluble fiber and plenty of water in the celery. It has amazing cleansing properties which makes it excellent diuretic.

5. Your libido will be increased. This is all thanks to the androstenol and androstenone in the celery.

6. You can lose weight with the help of celery. Because of the only 10 calories in 1 stalk of celery and the rest just water it is perfect for satisfying your hunger and keeping you full for a longer period of time which will end up with fewer kilograms.

7. You can reduce the levels of the bad cholesterol with the help of celery. There is also a compound known as butylphthalide in celery and this can reduce the levels of the bad cholesterol.

8. The alkaline balance will be regulated with the help of celery. The acidic state in your body will be prevented with consuming celery on regular basis and that will end up with healthy balance.

9. It is good against cancer. On some studies it was discovered that celery is effective against breast cancer, colorectal cancer and pancreas cancer. This is all thanks to the luteolin which is a flavonoid.

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