Water makes up roughly 60% of your body weight and you cannot survive without it for more than a few days.

All the cells, organs, and tissues in the body depend on water.

Some of the very significant roles that water play include:

maintaining the balance of body fluids.

regulation and maintenance of body temperature.

lubrication of joints and eyes.

protection of tissues, spinal cord and joints.

Helps in the  removal of waste products and toxins from the body

Aids in digestion.

Helps control calorie intake.

Helps keep the skin looking good and young.

With insufficient water, your body will stop functioning properly.

Thus, it is imperative to keep your body hydrated.

Nonetheless, before you ask how you can ensure that your body remains hydrated, you first need to know the signs that indicate your body lacks water.

Here are the 10 vital signs to look out for:

1.Headaches and Lightheaded

2.Brain fog or impaired concentration

3.Dry mouth and bad breath

4.Digestive problems, like constipation

5.Sudden hunger or food cravings

6.Fatigue and lethargy

7.Reduced urination and change in colour

8.Scaly, dry skin, and lips

9.Joint and muscle pain

10.Accelerated heart beat

Tips To Prevent Dehydration

Start the day with a large glass of water at room temperature. Then,  drink one full glass of water prior to every meal.
If you’re busy, consider setting a reminder to take a glass of water a couple of times a day

Carry with you a water bottle wherever you go.

Include water-rich vegetables and fruits in your diet

Avoid drinks that might cause dehydration, like energy drinks and alcohol.

When suffering from diarrhea, vomiting, or fever, you need to increase your fluid
intake to avoid severe dehydration

You should consult your doctor promptly if you’re having symptoms such as  dizziness, extreme thirst, not urinating for over eight hours, as well as a rapid or week pulse.


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